Construction and Development

Construction and Development

Ling was involved with Japanese and local developers who were going to develop various projects on the Gold Coast.

For the Japanese companies, Daikyo was the first company she had an exposure to, followed by Shinko who developed Hope Island Resort, Nara Kensetsu and others.  Smaller Gold Coast company who wanted to build a high rise residential building engaged Ling to approach the Japanese market, and later, started a joint venture with a Japanese company which was planning to expand its operation into Australia.

Ling had a long association with a resort company from Tokyo which wanted to develop hotel and golf course on the Gold Coast.  A Japanese company which bought a chateau in France also wanted to start development on the Gold Coast, and asked Ling to investigate the MBA degree at Bond University prior to sending their employees to the course.  This triggered Ling’s interest in studying for the MBA herself at Bond University.

Due to collapse of the bubble economy, almost all these Japanese companies left Australia.   Many individual investors also sold properties at much reduced prices, and they have held very negative impression on investing in Australia for many years.

Now, Huge companies including Sekisui House, Daiwa House and Daikyo are back in Australia, and they are steadily making plans to expand their businesses.  When large players start coming, smaller ones will follow.  This time, they will be definitely much more careful, and this is good to build a solid and long lasting beneficial relationship here in Australia.

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