Born in Japan where education is considered the most important matter for children and parents do whatever they can to offer the best possible chance to their children, Ling is particularly interested in the field of education.

She is a graduate of Keio Gijuku University which is considered one of the best universities in Japan, and holds MBA and Master of Finance degrees from Bond University on the Gold Coast.

After obtaining the MBA degree from Bond University, Ling was appointed as the Overseas Marketing Director of Bond University and Bond University English Language Institute and worked from the campus for 2 years.  She was responsible for recruiting students from overseas countries, but, due to her background, she was heavily involved with handling matters that had to do with Japan.  In other words, she was the person all the Japanese students, parents and teachers would come to discuss whatever problems that had to be solved.  While she was in the position of the Overseas Marketing Director, Bond University received the Export Award.

When Ling first arrived Australia, it was her strong desire to make contribution to improve English language standard of the Japanese students.  Through her involvement with countless business negotiations between Japanese companies and foreign companies and, later, as a student at Bond University,  she cannot help but saying that the English level of the Japanese people has to be improved.  Of course, language is not the only thing that is important, but, how do you expect to have a smooth communication with English speaking people if you cannot communicate in English?  Ling has kept saying to people, “Whether you can speak English or not has no relationship to your IQ level.  If you are born in the English speaking country, you will speak English.”  It was an extremely frustrating experience to see a brilliant Japanese student who could get a very high score at the exam could hardly speak in the classroom when she was a student at Bond University.

Ling believes more and more Japanese students and business people will choose Australia as a study destination to improve English.  Closer proximity to Japan without huge time lag makes Australia an easier destination for English study.  Also, while there are some limited number of unfortunate incidents, Australia is still a much safer place for students to study.  Air is clean and people are friendly.  Through the experience at Bond University as the Overseas Marketing Director,
Ling knows that Japanese students, and Japanese people are very well accepted by the local Australians as a very welcomed guest.

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