About Japan Australia Consulting Services

Japan Australia Consulting Services was originally created in 1986 on the Gold Coast during the peak of Japanese investment into the  Gold Coast and Queensland generally.

Ling Reiko Raines, was born in Kobe, Japan and migrated to Australia and -after obtaining Australian citizenship-  took up residency on the Gold Coast in 1980. In those days, you did not see many Japanese tourists on the Gold Coast, and Ling did not meet with any Japanese residents for 2 years.

Then, suddenly, a flood of Japanese tourists and investors started arriving. Ling never forgets the evening news on the TV reporting that a group of Japanese investors arriving the Gold Coast went around the Paradise Water area and bought all the properties that had “Sale” signs without inspecting the properties. In those days-  for the Japanese in the middle of bubble economy-  properties on the Gold Coast were just incredibly cheap. A house with 4 bedrooms and huge garden with pool was available for $100,000. Japanese banks were recommending the Japanese people with properties in Japan to borrow money to invest into more properties. They were ready to loan even double the value of the property owned, for, in those days, they all believed that property values would just keep increasing year after year.

When this kind of incident starts happening, unfortunately, there are people and companies who try to take advantage of those who are not familiar with the local business practices and environments.  Ling who was teaching “How to do business with Japan?” at a local Japanese language school, started receiving phone calls from total strangers mainly Japanese, but, some Australians as well,  asking for assistance to avoid or to get out of the problems.  This is why she established Japan Australia Consulting Services.

Those days, on the Gold Coast, it was quite difficult to find a person with language ability and business acumen understanding both sides, Japanese and Australian, and Ling started receiving many and various inquiries.  It was not only about businesses, but, on how to handle or eliminate problems and troubles they could get into due to their lack of understanding of the culture, language and business ethics in either Japan or Australia.

One particular case which gave Ling an incredible feeling of satisfaction is the case of assisting young Australian woman with a brain tumour which was diagnosed by an Australia specialist as incurable.  She and, particularly, her mother, wanted to consult a Japanese neurosurgeon, Dr Fukushima, who was considered as one of the top neurosurgeons in the world, about her condition.  Ling acted as a coordinator visiting Dr Fukushima in Japan, assisting the daughter and mother to visit the doctor, and the outcome was a very happy result.  Naturally, media was involved and various fund raisings took place.  Alan Bond was the first person to donate $25,000.

Industries Ling became involved through Japan Australia Consulting Services include construction, agriculture/food, property development, education, and so on.  She operated as a co-coordinator between people and companies in Japan and Queensland, particularly on the Gold Coast.

Ling now lives in Brisbane, capital city of Queensland, and have been the President of the Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 6 years.  She is totally dedicated to apply her knowledge, experience and skill to create a satisfactory outcome between people and organisations in Japan and Queensland/Australia.  There are numerous number of people and organisations Ling has assisted over the 6 years since she became the President.

With the recent move between Japan and Australia on the Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement, after 7 years negotiation, many in both countries believe the relationship between Japan and Queensland/Australia will start moving to a stronger future.  This is why Ling has now decided to bring back the services of Japan Australia Consulting Services to those who consider such services useful and necessary.

Her advice is not limited to business related matters.  After living in both Japan and Australia for many years respectively, and with the continuous involvement between two countries in business and other areas, she is confident that she is in the position to be able to offer the most practical and useful advices and assistance to those who are, particularly, new to either country.

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