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Services offered by Japan Australia Consulting Services are not limited to those of commercial nature.

Through long experience of assisting English speaking and Japanese speaking people, Ling has a hands-on experience of what area both Japanese and Australia companies and people have to be careful about.  Based on this, it is fair to say, assistance from Japan Australia Consulting Services can offer an advice not to get into trouble, “Korobanu saki no Tsue” (With cane in hand, take precautions before the fall), as well as an assistance to achieve what you want.


Numbers of students in Japan who wish to study abroad will increase as more companies want to have more globalised employees.

More companies in Japan will also start employing staff from other countries, and the ability to understand English and to be able to work with non-Japanese staff will become a highly valued asset of the employees.  It takes substantial time, efforts and fund to obtain such skill if just studying in Japan, and the practical solution is to study abroad.

Universities, high schools and other schools, any of them who wish to expand the horizon for their students can rely on the advice and assistant offered by us.

Through the experience while working for Bond University and Bond University English Language Institute, listening to and giving advices to students, parents, teachers, etc., advices and assistances we can offer are practical and useful.

Construction, Development, Real Estate

Ling has close to 25 years experience working as a conduit in the property industry starting from the days of the Japanese bubble economy.  Accordingly, she has a wide network of developers, construction companies, builders, real estate agents and all those who operate in the industry in Australia.

Assistance can be offered to:

  1. Development of residential sites and construction
  2. Development of commercial sites and construction
  3. Sale and purchase of houses, apartments and other residential properties
  4. Sale and purchase of commercial properties such as shopping centres, office buildings, etc.
  5. Sale and purchase of businesses including franchise chains, restaurants and other businesses


There are abundant, unique and valuable know-how and technologies in Japan which can be introduced to  Australia to develop a commercially viable business.

This could be done by a Japanese company only, but joint venture could be considered.  We can say the same applies to companies in Australia.  Negotiations understanding the local rules and regulations are indispensable, and this is where we can utilise many years of experience working as a co-ordinator in both Japan and Australia.

Introduction of products and services require the similar skills and approaches, and we are happy to discuss how this can be done.


As explained under Industry section, Ling’s experience covers an extensive range of services including commercial and non-commercial natures.  We look forward to hearing from you so that we can assess how we can assist our clients in the most effective manner.

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